Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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George H.W Bush Funeral: A Legacy Remembered

By: Paige Hubbard 

Thousands were in attendance to pay their respects to the late president George H.W Bush Wednesday morning. Some were physically present, and others tuned in to the live broadcast streaming nation wide.
The much anticipated service was held at National Cathedral funeral in Washington D.C

Just to go down the list of those who were in attendance; President Donald Trump along with the first lady was seated in the from row, right next to them were the Obama’s followed by the Clintons.
Other world dignitaries were present as well such as Former Canadian Prime Minister Brain Mulroney who presented an eulogy during the services.

Jon Meacham, presidential historian and George H.W Bush biographer brought a lighter mood during his speech, speaking about the former presidents character while doing it with a sense of humor. Ashley Walker Bush , Jena Bush, and Lauren Bush all gave eloquent speeches honoring their late grandfather. Emotions were high as they all teared up while saying their final goodbye’s.

Every speaker shared stories from personal accounts about their relationship with the former president. He was said to have a “science in relationships” because of the way he interacted with people.

“Life had given him so much he simplify wanted to return the favor by spreading love and light,” said one of the speakers at the funeral.

His son and former 43rd president, George H. Bush also gave a touching eulogy that recalled the relationship he had with his father.

“When I found out he only had minutes to live, I gave him a call and said “Dad, I love you , and he said “I love you too” and those would be the last words he would ever speak,” said former president and son George H. Bush as he fought back tears.

Strong, Confident, loving and loyal were just a few words to describe his character. He was a man that was constantly in motion with a courageous outlook towards life, who was also very disciplined.
The Cathedral choir sang somber hymns creating a soft peaceful ceremony. The armed forces Marine Chamber Orchestra on the other hand played more upbeat melodies.

Former president George H.W Bush was a man of dignity and humor. He was able to related to people from all different walks of life, while looking for the good in each person.

He will forever be remembered for his enormous energy and his firmness in beliefs as a true American hero. He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.

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