Friday, May 29, 2020
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Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Make Eye Contact With Donald Trump at George H.W Bush’s Funeral.

By: Paige Hubbard 

An awkward moment to say the least happened at George H.W Bush’s Funeral this morning when President Donald Trump and the first lady arrived to the services at the Washington National Cathedral.

Mr.Trump and the first lady were the last to arrive, they sat next to the Obama’s, who sat next to the Clintons. They all greeted and acknowledged each other except for Hillary Clinton who didn’t even look in the presidents direction, upon his arrival.

Chris Wallace, FOX news anchor described himself to be “struck” by the entire encounter.

“I have to say I was struck when President Trump and Melania Trump came to the front row, that it was as if a chill had descended on that front row,” Wallace said on Fox’s “America’s Newsroom”

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump happen to be former rivals during the 2016 presidential election. As the president sat down, it was said that Hillary Clinton didn’t even dignify him with a glance.

Nevertheless, everyone remained calm and poised as they were all there for a cause bigger than any disagreement, and that was to pay respect to the late George H.W Bush.

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