Friday, May 29, 2020
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India’s ‘Rapunzel’ breaks her own Guinness record for longest hair

A 17-year-old girl in India’s western Aravalli district has broken her own Guinness World Record for the “longest hair on a teenager”, earning her the nickname of “Rapunzel”.
With 190 centimeter-long tresses, Nilanshi Patel has topped her earlier record of 170.5 centimeters from 2018.
A science student, Nilanshi developed the love for long hair at the tender age of six following a bad haircut experience that made her hair short and rough. It was after this incident that she decided to grow her hair, as suggested by her mother.
“If I go to any tourist place or any occasion, people take selfies and talk to me, so I feel like a celebrity,” Nilanshi says.
Nilanshi’s mother assists her in maintaining her long hair. She washes her hair once a week. It takes up to half an hour for it to dry and as long as an hour to comb.

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