Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Chinese ambassador to U.S. calls on Washington to return to right track

Chinese ambassador to the United States has called on the U.S. to “return to the right track”.

Ambassador Cui Tiankai said this in a by-lined article on the POLITICO website, saying that “China and the United States should reset their relationship”.

The article says Houston is famous in China because of its basketball team which Chinese basketball superstar Yao Ming once worked for and its beefsteaks have found their way to the dinner tables of ordinary Chinese.

Furthermore, China and Houston have enjoyed strong economic cooperation, the article says.

China is the region’s second-largest trading partner, with the bilateral trade in 2018 reaching 125.1 billion U.S. dollars.

However, the United States has abruptly taken the decision to shut China’s Consulate General in Houston, a rare shocking incident in international diplomacy, the article says.

The article attributes ruptured bilateral relationship to some Americans who have demonised China and ramped up ideological confrontation.

The article says that there are ups and downs over the past 41 years of bilateral relations but it has time again testified to the truth that cooperation benefits both sides but confrontation makes both sides lose.

If there is the need of taking sides, China and the United States and even all other countries should stand by the correct side of history, the article says, adding that the world needs solidarity but not intensified division and all countries should be mutual partners, but not imaginary enemies.

The article says that China remains unchanged in its U.S. policy. The shutting of the America’s Chengdu Consulate this week is nothing but a justified and necessary response to the U.S. shut of the China Houston Consulate General and it conforms to the common diplomatic practice and it the right of all sovereign countries.

The articles says that China is still willing to develop the bilateral relations based on goodwill and sincerity and hope that the United States will return to the right track.


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